How to make a bug hotel.

If you’re wondering how to make a bug hotel then read on to find out.

You will need:

  • a lot of hollow sticks
  • leaves
  • any other natural stuff that bugs like.

In a wild bit of garden make a pile of the sticks and put the leaves inside some of them making sure to leave tiny gaps.  Find something to support the pile of sticks.  If you hang it in a tree afterwards, then using the middle part of a plastic bottle with the end cut off is very suitable.  That’s it!  You’ve made a bug hotel!

Marvellous Minibeasts

To start you off, here’s a great way to help!

You could make a bug house!  A bug hotel!  Why not use leaves, twigs and sticks to make it.  You could also grow flowers near your bug hotel so pollinators and ladybirds won’t have to go very far to the bug cafe.  Good idea eh?  If you think of another way to help our fantastic friends just write a comment to tell me. Look at my blog again soon for  a post that tells you what things you’ll need for bug-spotting.

animals in DANGER!

We are animals.  Animals that take over the other animals by spreading towns and cities.  We think so much about these things we don’t have time to think about the amazing animal kingdom!  Too much humility isn’t helping the other animals find homes or survive.  There are birds too.  Find out more about the amazing animal kingdom and become members of the wildlife trust where you’ll receive four magazines a year!  All jam packed with exciting competitions and interesting facts!  This blog is great for nature loving girls.